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  • Vistamedicines.com is an online portal engaged in the online sales of pills.
  • We sell various categories of pills such as prescription or FDA-approved drugs, generic pills, and OTC pills.
  • We are one of the best-sellers across many other online portals because of our transparency and simple online buying process mechanism.
  • We believe in providing home delivery within the shortest time possible and for this, we also have our very own highly efficient delivery team.
  • At our portal we also help you to place an order, track your package, cancel orders, refund, providing information on discounts, and availing offers with the help of our round-the-clock customer support team.
  • We have our clients entirely built upon the trust that of providing quality assurance and faster delivery.

Our mission

  • Our mission is to provide online medicines to people in need.
  • We believe in providing you faster access to medicines via online order and then our delivery team will provide home delivery in the least possible time.
  • We constantly believe in improving our overall processes to make you happy and providing you medicines on time.
  • we aim to provide you quick delivery of the medicines so that you don’t have to stop the treatment just because of the non-availability of medicines.
  • Our entire team such as our customer support team, logistical and delivery team, and our online maintenance team is dedicated to making a smoother flow such that you can get your medicines on time.

Our vision

  • Our vision is to provide medicine delivery around the world to millions of customers in the next few years.
  • We are also fuelled on making our logistical, delivery, and courier processes as fast-flowing as possible to reduce the delivery time.
  • We are aiming for a reduction in waiting time at airports, terminals, and logistical centers to provide faster delivery for our customers.
  • We are also focusing on technology to better our online portal in terms of a smoother and more simple online process for ordering pills.
  • Along with this, we are also focusing on providing a safe platform for our customers to make online transactions and reducing any risk of online data theft.

Our product assurance and sourcing

  • We provide you complete assurance on our products.
  • We give you 100% assurance that our products sold online through our portal are legal for use.
  • All the various medicines that you see on our portal are legal and approved by the FDA or by the local medicine approving agencies in the countries for local people use.
  • We provide you a guarantee of getting well after using the medicines.

Administration adherence to standards

  • We have an expert team of medical experts to check out our stock at our logistical bays to ensure that the medicines are always maintained in the ideal conditions of humidity and temperature so that are active.
  • Our team also conducts regular checks and safety standard tests for ensuring the medicines are never past their expiry dates.

As far as the question of our sourcing is concerned we have partnered with the pharma companies and some of their registered wholesalers and distributors to source our medicines

Our pricing policies and discount offers

  • The prices that you see on our portal are not dictated upon by us in any way. These prices are the ongoing prices or the prices that are predicated upon by the manufacturer as the maximum price for sale.
  • But we do provide you a discount on our portal and this is exclusive to our portal only which is controlled and dictated upon by our management team.
  • The discounts that you see on our portal may vary from time to time based on our inventory and the prices of our orders.
  • We do not guarantee you any offers as they may change across time frames.
  • The customers must check out the availing discounts and find one suitable for them.

Payment security norms

  • All payment information that you put on our portal is not used by us in any way.
  • As soon as the payment is made and the transaction is authenticated at our end we delete all our payment data and confidential information from our servers so that no one can access them even after a breach of server firewall systems and security protocols.

Our client support services

  • We have our client support team who is dedicated to serving the customers through all possible means.
  • We try and help you out by assisting you with order placement, informing you of prices and discounts, general availability information, and accepting your refund and cancellation requests.

Our delivery and logistical management

  • Our logistical management team and delivery team are at the forefront of providing you doorstep delivery.
  • We are always focused on improving our logistical processes for ensuring faster turnaround times.
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