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Among the terms and conditions of our shipping and payment policies are how you can pay us and how we shop your product. You might want to check out the shipping and payment terms and conditions provided here to avoid future disputes.

How should we be paid?

There is no restriction on the type of payment you can use. Payments can be made with any standard international payment-validated debit or credit card. Net banking and mobile wallets are also accepted as payment methods.

Currently, bitcoin cannot be used to make payments. Our customers can pay us quickly through so many standard payment methods. Payments can now be made using any form of your choice. You can use our secure online platform to complete your online transactions without worrying about stealing your credit card numbers, PINs, or other highly private information.

You can be confident that hackers will not compromise your confidential payment information when using us. The servers at Vista Medicines are protected by some of the latest firewall prevention mechanisms. Your data is also never disclosed to third parties.

What is your typical shipping time?

One of the most critical parameters of providing the best customer satisfaction is providing faster shipping and courier services. Orders shouldn’t be left unfinished for too long.

Medicines can be critical when someone’s life is at stake. Our team understands your emotions and promises to deliver your order faster. All domestic orders are completed in a few days. International orders usually take ten days to arrive.

On the day of the final delivery, you’ll receive an email from us. Note, however, that this is only a delivery time estimate. Depending on a few conditions, the original delivery date may vary.

Additionally, do keep in mind that deliveries may be delayed during times of natural disasters, lockdowns, etc.

Lost orders

Orders can sometimes get lost during transit. Unfortunate incidents can happen, we understand.

Please bear with us in such a case. There are no additional charges. Once again, we will ship the product.

Providing a valid and authentic address

You are solely responsible for providing us with an authentic and valid address if you want your order to reach you immediately.

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